Alan Wake Remastered


Experience the dark pages of a horror story like never before in Alan Wake Remastered for PlayStation 4. Alan is an author who is on a quest to find his missing wife; Alice. As he finds himself immersed in the very horror he allegedly wrote; he must fight back against the darkness and go head-to-head against The Taken.


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  • Action-thriller takes you on the journey of Alan Wake; a troubled author who is searching for his missing wife; Alice
  • Alan finds himself in the pages of a horror story that was supposedly written by him but he has no memory of writing it
  • As the darkness closes in; Alan must use the power of light to fight ‘The Taken’ and create safe havens from the surrounding danger
  • Remastered 4K environment immerses you in a horrific version of the Pacific Northwest
  • Enhancements include upgraded cut scenes; improved character models; developer commentary; and all DLCs
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