American Fugitive


After your father is murdered in American Fugitive for the Nintendo Switch; Will Riley is left seething; wrongfully convicted; and seeking justice in Redrock County; a sleepy American town with a massive criminal underbelly. This top-down 3D game provides excellent graphics and ultimate thrills as you explore both on foot and by car to find the truth and enact revenge.


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  • American Fugitive for the PlayStation 4 takes you to Redrock County; a sleepy American town that has a criminal underbelly where the murder of your dad has caused Will Riley seeking justice after escaping jail
  • Top-down 3D graphics immersive you in the action
  • Explore on foot or by car to see a slice of 1980s rural USA
  • You can rob houses; steal cars; carry multiple arms; and much more to add even further excitement
  • Time trial challenges and stunt runs provide excellent ways to have even more fun
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