Belkin UltraGlass Screen Protector for iPhone 12/12 Pro


Defend the integrity of your iPhone’s display with this Belkin UltraGlass screen protector. Chemically-strengthened by a double ion-exchange; this German-engineered glass protects your device from impacts and drops. It features an anti-microbial coating to prevent germs from building up on the screen protector for a clean use.


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Product Description

  • Compatible with iPhone 12; iPhone 12 Pro
  • German-engineered glass is chemically strengthened by a double ion-exchange to provide incredible impact and drop protection
  • Added edge strength prevents the screen protector from chipping
  • Anti-microbial coating eliminates up to 99% of germs on the glass
  • Enhanced flexibility and resistance to wear and tear provide lasting durability
  • Includes an Easy Align tray for effortless; bubble-free application
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