Bravely Default II


Go on a quest for four Crystals and save the world of Excillant in Bravely Default II for Nintendo Switch. Join Seth and the other Heroes of Light as you fight to stop the forces that threaten the world. Along the way; you’ll team up with an exiled princess and two mysterious travelers in your journey to find the Crystals and defeat the enemies.


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  • The latest entry into the Bravely series takes you to a new world filled with new characters; combined with the atmosphere and gameplay the series is known for
  • Turn-based RPG combat with a risk/reward system puts you in the role of Seth; a young sailor who washes up on the shore of one of Excillant’s five kingdoms
  • Once there; he meets Gloria of Musa; a princess who escaped her kingdom after evil forces who destroyed her kingdom in search of the four Crystals
  • He also encounters Elvis and Adelle; two travelers who are on a quest to decipher a mysterious and magical book
  • Select from a wide range of jobs; skills; and abilities to form a team that can outwit the forces that threaten all of Excillant
  • Find and defeat an enemy who holds an Asterisk so you can take on even more jobs like a Thief or Black Mage
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