Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion


Travel back in time in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion for PlayStation 5. Set 7 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII; it takes you on the journey of Zack Fair; an operative on a quest to locate a missing soldier. As he progresses; he learns the dark truth about Shinra; as well as the evil experiments they conduct and the fearsome monsters they create.


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  • Remaster of Crisis Core takes you to a time 7 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII
  • Follow the story of Zack Fair; a Shinra soldier operative who is on a mission to track down missing soldier; Genesis Rhapsodos
  • Along the way; Zack uncovers the terrible secrets of Shinra’s experiments and discovers the monsters they create
  • Encounter other Final Fantasy VII characters during your journey including Cloud; Sephiroth; Aerith; and more
  • Remastered features include a complete HD graphics overhaul; remastered soundtrack; and updated combat system
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