Disney Classic Games Collection


Experience retro gameplay with some of your favourite characters in this Disney Classic Games Collection for Nintendo Switch. It comes complete with 16-bit versions of The Jungle Book; Lion King; and two Aladdin games for endless entertainment. The games have been modernized with updated graphics and enhanced controls to appeal to today’s gamers.


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  • Expanded collection includes 16-bit versions of The Jungle Book; Lion King; and both Aladdin games
  • Updated visuals include adjustable screen aspect ratios and borders; 1080p graphics; and other enhancements to pair beautifully with modern HD TVs
  • Custom filtre options allow you to experience the look of classic CRT TVs and other popular screen types
  • Rewind any game to replay your favourite areas and view full game playthroughs with the option to skip forward; jump in; and start playing at any point
  • Save your progress along the way so you can play each game at your leisure
  • Museum features take you behind the scenes with video interviews; galleries; and previously unreleased HD concept images
  • Entire soundtracks from each game let you play; shuffle; and repeat the songs in all their 16-bit glory
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