Dying Light 2 Stay Human


In the infected and unforgiving world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human for PlayStation 4; you are the city’s last hope for survival. Take on the role of Aiden Caldwell; a powerful survivor with unique abilities; and single-handedly change the fate of the modern age. Go head-to-head against the criminal factions and infected individuals as you save the city from certain destruction.


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  • Play the role of Aiden Caldwell; a survivor who is infected by the virus that ravaged humanity 15 years ago
  • In this modern dark age; there is one great human settlement in existence but it is on the brink of destruction
  • By day; people roam the streets in search of food; scavenging; stealing; and resorting to violence when necessary
  • At night; the infected people; who are sensitive to UV light; leave their hideouts to prey on the living
  • Use your agility and combat skills as you face off against bandits; factions; and the infected in your attempt to save the world
  • Make choices that will impact entire regions; explore undiscovered land masses; and find all-new areas and people
  • 2-4 player co-op mode allows you to host your own games or join the games of other players and experience their unique choices
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