Elden Ring


Venture into the Lands Between on an epic journey in Elden Ring for Xbox Series X and Xbox One. The Golden Order has been broken and it’s up to you to navigate the fantastical world; using the power of the ring to restore order and become an Elden Lord. Along the way; you’ll meet both friend and foe; along with fierce beasts that seek to destroy you.


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  • Action RPG takes you deep into the Lands Between; an immersive fantasy world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin
  • After the Golden Order is broken; you must rise from the ashes and use the power of the Elden Ring to become an Elden Lord
  • Uncover the secrets of the Elden Ring’s power as make your way across fantastical landscapes and interconnected complex dungeons
  • Travel on foot or horseback; alone or with other players online; and traverse grassy plains; treacherous swamps; massive mountings; and foreboding castles
  • Encounter dangerous creatures and enemies along the way; each with their own backgrounds; and other characters who have unique motives for wanting to help or hinder your progress
  • Create your character and define your playstyle as you choose from a vast array of weapons; magical abilities; and skills that you find throughout the world
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