Fortnite Minty Legends Pack


Keep it fresh and fierce with the Fortnite Minty Legends Pack for PlayStation 4. It has everything you need to chill out the competition. With three fresh winter-themed outfits; a mint wrap; three chilling Back Blings; three spearing Pickaxes; and tempting 1;000 V-bucks; you’re sure to rise in popularity even further with this pack.


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Fortnite Minty Legends pack includes:

  • Fresh Aura Outfit
  • Minty Multipack Back Bling
  • Minty Mountaineer Pickaxe
  • Minty Bomber Outfit
  • Spearmint Satchel Back Bling
  • Freshbreaker Pickaxe
  • Skellemint Oro Outfit
  • Minty Mantle Back Bling
  • Triple Mint Scepter Pickaxe
  • Fire Mint Wrap
  • 1;000 V-Bucks

Note: No disc included. Internet connection required to download and play.

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