Fight the evil forces of Hades in the Underworld with this Hades game for Playstation 4. You will unleash superpowers and mythic weapons to escape from the grip of the evil God himself. With each attempt to escape from him; you will grow stronger; and secrets of the story will reveal themselves while on your journey.


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  • Release the fury of Olympus with the epic characters that are Zeus; Athena; Poseidon and many others. As the adventure unfolds; enhance your powers; and select from dozens of powerful Boons
  • Explore and play with thousands of viable characters as the adventure continues
  • Make friends with the Gods; ghosts; and other creatures. A cast of colourful; larger-than-life characters are waiting for you to play with
  • New secrets are being revealed every time you swim into the ever-changing Underworld; whose guardian bosses will remember you. With the Mirror of the Night power; you will be able to remain permanently strong and face Hades’ kingdom
  • Thanks to the permanent upgrades; take on the next challenge and be prepared for some action with some exciting combat
  • The supergiant style features an atmospheric presentation; some amazing hand-painted environments; a heart-pumping original score and a unique mix of gameplay and narrative

This physical edition features a couple of bonus extras:

  • A download code for the Hades Original Soundtrack; by composer Darren Korb; featuring two and a half hours of blood-pumping music created for the game
  • A full-colour 32-page character compendium booklet; with artwork by Jen Zee; featuring the game’s colourful cast of Gods; ghosts; and monsters
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