It Takes Two


Embark on a wild co-op adventure as you work in harmony and rebuild your relationship in It Takes Two for PlayStation 4. Play with a friend in local or online co-op (requires Friend’s Pass installation and a friend who owns the game) as separated couple Cody and May; who are trapped in a fantastical world and need to overcome crazy challenges together.


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  • Created specifically for co-op play; It Takes Two plunges you and a friend into a crazy fantasy world as separated couple Cody and May
  • As two humans who have been turned into dolls by a magic spell; Cody and May have to work together to overcome a variety of unexpected obstacles to move forward
  • Master unique abilities as you team up to tackle gangster squirrels and rampaging vacuum cleaners; pilot a pair of underpants; DJ at a hot nightclub; bobsleigh through a snow globe; and all sorts of wild surprises
  • Heartfelt; hilarious story delivers an endearing and metaphorical experience as you work together to overcome your differences in this universal tale of relationships
  • From EA Originals and Swedish-based indie game developer Hazelight; which also created A Way Out
  • Note: Online co-op play requires installation of the Friend’s Pass (free trial or demo) and a friend who owns the game on the same platform or a next-gen platform
  • Buy It Takes Two once and get both the PS4 and the enhanced PS5 version
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