Mass Effect Legendary Edition


It’s up to you to save all of humanity in Mass Effect Legendary Edition for Xbox One. This all-inclusive game comes with Mass Effect; Mass Effect 2; and Mass Effect 3 so you can experience the entire story; remastered and optimised for gorgeous 4K Ultra HD. It also includes DLC from all 3 games and additional promo items.


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Legendary Edition includes

  • Mass Effect trilogy
  • DLC from Mass Effect; Mass Effect 2; and Mass Effect 3
  • Promo weapons; armours; and packs
  • Remastered content optimised for 4K Ultra HD

Mass Effect

  • Action RPG puts you in the role of Commander Shepard
  • Lead your elite recon squadron across a galaxy in turmoil to save humanity from the greatest threat it’s ever faced
  • Take responsibility for your decisions as you go through every mission; relationship; and battle across the 3 games
  • Create and customise your own character including appearance; skills; and a personalised arsenal
  • Relive the cinematic saga in stunning 4K with a single launcher for all 3 titles; enhanced performance; gameplay improvements; and more
  • Mass Effect 1 comes with improved aiming; squad controls; and cameras
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