Need For Speed


Become the ultimate automotive icon in EA’s Need for Speed. With a massive open-world environment; 5 ways to play; and an immersive narrative; every choice you make affects your playing experience. Rich customization lets you build a car that reflects your character with personalized handling; performance tuning; and authentic after-market brands.


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  • Need for Speed delivers deep customization; an open-world environment with authentic car culture; and a strong narrative that drives the game
  • Authentic customization lets you set up your ride with real-world after-market brands; performance tuning; and personalized handling
  • Compelling narrative features 5 unique overlapping stories each inspired by a real-world automotive icon with every choice affecting your playing experience
  • Build your reputation with the city’s automotive icons to earn their respect on your way to becoming the ultimate hero of today’s car culture
  • Features 5 ways to earn reputation: speed; style; build; crew; and outlaw
  • Takes place in Ventura Bay; an open-world; west coast urban playground with sweeping hillside roads overlooking the city and police-infested urban areas with tight downtown corners
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