Pac-Man Museum+


Enjoy playing iconic arcade games with the Pac-Man Museum Plus for Nintendo Switch. This collection features 14 of the series’ legendary games; including the original arcade classic; Super Pac-Man; Pac and Pal; Pac-Land; Pac-Mania; Pac-Attack; and many more. Get all your favourite games from over 40 years of Pac-Man history and play with customized virtual arcade layout you love.


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  • Collection features 14 iconic Pac-Man games; from the original classic; to Super Pac-Man; Pac and Pal; Pac-Land; Pac-Mania; Pac-Attack; Pac-in-Time; Pac-Man Arrangement arcade version; Pac-Man Arrangement CS version; Pac-Man Championship Edition; Pac Motos; Pac’N Roll Remix; Pac-Man Battle Royale; and Pac-Man 256
  • Play with a unique layout with the items you collect; including wallpapers; place arcade machines; background music; decorations; and display figures as you complete missions and unlock items to add your unique virtual arcade
  • Earn coins for use in the vending machine offering arcade decorations and in Gashapon machine for a variety of display figures
  • Compare scores; coins collected; overall ranking with other players with the online leaderboards
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