PureGuardian Dehumidifier – 1.25-Pint – White


Control excess moisture and dampness in your home; RV; boat; or other space with this PureGuardian dehumidifier. Small and compact; this unit is perfect for bathrooms; laundry rooms; closets and other cramped spots. It features a 2.11-pint tank that can collect up to 1.25 pints of moisture from the air every 24 hours.


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Product Description

  • Small dehumidifier with a minimal footprint is ideal for cramped areas that get very humid or damp; such as bathrooms; laundry rooms; closets; RVs; and boats
  • 2.11-pint (1.2L) tank collects up to 1.25 pints of moisture from the air every 24 hours in your home
  • Thermo-electric Peltier technology ensures a relatively quiet operation
  • Built-in indicator shows you when the easy-to-empty tank is full and needs to be emptied
  • Features simple; straightforward; and easy-to-use electronic On/Off controls
  • Automatic shut off feature when the tank is full ensures safe and sound operation
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