Saints Row Day One Edition


Venture to Santo Ileso; a crime-infested city in the American Southwest; in Saints Row for Xbox Series X and Xbox One. There; you’ll band together with three friends as you launch your own criminal empire. As you explore the vast environment; you’ll face off against enemy factions; armed with an incredible weaponry from standard revolvers to massive rocket launchers.


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  • Action-packed game takes you to the fictional American Southwest city of Santo Ileso where crime runs rampant
  • Establish and build up The Saints—your own criminal gang that includes your friends Neenah; Kevin; and Eli
  • Explore nine enthralling districts; each surrounded by the beauty of the desert
  • Fight enemy factions and commit brilliantly-masterminded crimes in your quest to take over the city
  • Utilize a wide range of customisable weapons including revolvers; rocket launchers; and melee heavyweights
  • Choose from cars; bikes; planes; helicopters; VTOLs; hoverbikes; hoverboards; go-karts; or you wingsuit as you navigate the city
  • Create a unique and powerful boss with an extensive suite of character customisation options and an impressive array of weapons and vehicles
  • Drop-in/drop-out co-op is seamless and untethered so you and your friends can join the action without missing a beat
  • Pre-order bonus gives you the Idols Anarchy Pack with the Idols DJ Helmet; Idols Twinkle Bat; and Idols Sandstorm Scrambler
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