Samsung 43′ Frame Bezel for The Frame TV – Teak


Add more expression to your Frame TV with the Samsung 43′ frame bezel. It has a gorgeous teak finish that can uplift; contrast or coordinate your TV and the type of setting. You can choose either modern design that exhibits a hint of contemporary or lean towards bevelled for that classy look. Also; the bezels are magnetic; which makes them easy to personalize.


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Product Description

  • Made for the 43-inch 2021 Frame TV
  • Teak finish lets you amplify the TVs contrast or coordinate with a particular interior or even for a special occasion
  • Two unique design types to choose from: modern and bevelled
  • Modern type revamps your space with the contemporary touch
  • Bevelled type offers an authentic look to your interior
  • Weight: 0.71 lbs.
  • Dimensions: Width: 2.46cm(0.97′); Height: 1.77 cm(0.97′); Depth: 97.27 cm(38.3′)
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