Seagate 512GB Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X and Series S


Offering the next-generation storage functionality; the Seagate 512GB Storage Expansion Card is just what you need to expand the capacity of your Xbox Series X and Series S. Designed to offer up to 512GB capacity; this card offers ample storage space for installing the games; moving or copying to other storage or playing directly from it without any lag.


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  • 512GB storage enables easy expansion of Xbox Series X capacity to save more games thereby allowing you to play directly from it anytime
  • Works with Xbox Velocity Architecture and assures super-fast load times for a seamless gaming experience
  • Quick resume feature enables easy swapping between various titles and lets you recommence the game without any problem
  • Guarantees a peak-level performance when you play from the expansion card which is the same as from console’s internal SSD
System Requirements

Storage Drive Type

Internal or External

Diskless or Populated


Form Factor

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