Travel to an alternative history in Steelrising for PlayStation 5. It’s 1789 and the French Revolution has been stopped by King Louis XVI and his powerful mechanical army. Now; the city is in ruins and it’s up to the automaton; Aegis; to take down these mechanical soldiers. Use complex combat tactics; unique skills; and fierce weapons to restore peace to the city of Paris.


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  • Action RPG takes you to Paris in 1789 where The French Revolution has been suppressed by Louis XVI and his mechanical army
  • Join Aegis; a strange automaton that served as the queen’s bodyguard; as it takes on the king’s army in an attempt to save history
  • Perfect your combat style with strings of dodges; parries; jumps; and attacks as you face off against the mechanical soldiers
  • Choose your play style and upgrade your abilities as you make your way through the game; using weapons and skills to your advantage
  • Explore the city using carriages; grapples; secret passages; a detailed map; and more
  • Encounter enemies and allies as you go; including Marie-Antoinette; Lafayette; and Robespierre
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