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Embark on a thrilling adventure across Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch. Use Cappy’s abilities and Mario’s classic moves to rescue Princess Peach and defeat Bowser. You can also share your adventure with a friend using a Joy-Con controller (sold separately) and explore the worlds far from the Mushroom Kingdom together.


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Super Mario Odyssey

  • Enjoy the first sandbox-style 3D Mario adventure since 1996’s beloved Super Mario 64 and 2002’s Nintendo GameCube classic Super Mario Sunshine
  • Travel across Kingdoms with Mario; collecting Moons to power up your airship; and arrive on time to save Princess Peach and stop Bowser’s wedding plans
  • Discover Mario’s Cappy moves such as cap throw; cap jump; and capture; and use old favourites like wall jump; ground pound; and backwards somersault to fulfil your mission
  • Venture far from the Mushroom Kingdom to exciting places; from the Sand Kingdom to New Donk City; with the Odyssey airship
  • Embark on the adventure with a friend using a Joy-Con controller (sold separately); Player 1 controls Mario and Player 2 controls Cappy
  • Take it easy with Assist Mode to start with more health and follow helpful arrows that will show you the way
  • Play the game in TV mode; tabletop mode; and handheld mode

Note: A Nintendo Switch Online membership may be required for online play. Please check the game detail page on for membership requirements.

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