Tactics Ogre: Reborn


Travel to the Valerian Isles in Tactics Ogre: Reborn for Nintendo Switch. This rebirth of the 2010 game stays true to its original roots but is made new with updates like improved graphics; a new level system; enhanced sound; and other fresh features. Engage in intense tactical battles on three-dimensional battlefields as you take on the toughest AI opponents yet.


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  • Tactical RPG is based on the 2010 version but has been upgraded with improved graphics; sound; and game design
  • Play as Denam; a young man whose choices have the power to impact the outcome of the civil war in the Valerian Isles
  • Pitched tactical battles on 3D battlefields pit you against revamped AI opponents who are able to change their tactics to fit any situation
  • Unit-by-unit level system lets you use theorycraft as you make your way through classes; equipment; skills; and magic
  • Enhanced playability offers quicker battle pace; auto save; and easier controls and UI
  • Endgame content includes the 100-level Palace of the Dead for expanded play
  • Detailed pixel art from the original game has been preserved while characters and backgrounds have been recreated in high definition for breathtaking visuals
  • Cutscenes are fully voiced in both English and Japanese and the music has been rerecorded from live performances
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