The Callisto Protocol Day One Edition


Travel to the year 2320 in The Callisto Protocol Day One Edition for Xbox Series X. This survival horror game puts you into the role of Jacob; an innocent man imprisoned on Jupiter’s moon. As an outbreak spreads through the prison; the other inmates begin to transform into horrific creatures. Use tactical shooting and close-quarters combat to fight off the monsters and lead Jacob to safety.


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  • Narrative-driven; third-person; survival horror game takes you to a world set 300 years in the future
  • Play as Jacob Lee; an inmate in a maximum-security prison on Jupiter’s moon; Callisto
  • When a mysterious outbreak starts to turn the other inmates into terrifying monsters; Jacob must battle his way through the prison and escape to safety
  • Grow your skills and adapt your tactics to defeat the monsters using a combination of shooting and close-quarters combat
  • Explore the hostile environment of Callisto and uncover its centuries-old secrets and dark mysteries
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