Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X Joystick


Make your gaming experience realistic and fun-filled with this Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X joystick. Its large hand rest offera a comfortable use and the weighted base keeps the device stable throughout the gameplay. Features like rapid-fire trigger; rudder; ergonomic throttle lever control; and multi-directional hat-switch allow you to perform with great ease.


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  • Designed for use with PC
  • Large hand rest allows you to use the device comfortably
  • Weighted base keeps the joystick stable; even during quick maneuvers and sharp turns
  • Fully programmable buttons (12) and axes (4) offer an extremely convenient and precise operation
  • Rapid-fire trigger allows for optimal performance
  • Efficient rudder lets you make flat turns
  • Ergonomic throttle lever controls the amount of fuel flow
  • Multi-directional hat-switch lets you easily change views or menus
  • Rotating handle with an integrated locking system provides an impeccable control over plane rudder
  • Innovative MAPPING button lets you quickly reposition functions from one button to another
  • Innovative PRESET button allows you to rapidly toggle one programmed configuration to another
  • Internal memory stores and retains all programmed configurations; even when the joystick is disconnected from PC
  • Adjustable resistance control lets you customise the feel of joystick according to your needs
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