Tru-Delight Romantico Rechargeable & Dimming Lantern with Bluetooth Speaker – Metal Yellow


The Tru-Delight Romantico rechargeable lantern offers the convenience of portable light and music outdoors as well as indoors in case of a power outage. The LED light is dimmable and emits light in different colours to complement the occasion. It includes a Bluetooth speaker and a 5000mAh power bank for enhanced functionality.


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  • All-in-one device with a lamp; Bluetooth speaker; and power bank is easy to carry around
  • Colour-changing LED light (2200K-6500K) can be customised to suit your music or the occasion
  • Bluetooth speaker lets you stream your playlist from compatible smartphones; tablets; and more
  • Dimmable light goes from 10% to 100% intensity to let you create the ambience you desire
  • Rechargeable 3.7V; 5000mAh lithium battery can be used as a power bank to charge other devices when you’re camping or on the road
  • Lightweight construction using bamboo; plastic; iron; and glass allows for convenient portability around your home and outdoors
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