Valkyrie Elysium


Ragnarok looms as an impending thread in Valkyrie Elysium for PlayStation 5. When the All-Father Odin creates Valkyrie; an emissary of redemption; she must use her skills to save a doomed world. Utilize the new Soul Chain system to unleash deadly combos and summon the Einherjar to aid you in your quest with powerful elemental bonuses.


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  • Latest title in the series follows the story of Valkyrie as she fights for the salvation of a doomed world
  • Fast-paced RPG is equipped with the new Soul Chain system; allowing you to access a wide range of abilities and skills; creating devastating combos along the way
  • Call upon the Einherjar warrior spirits to assist you in battle with elemental bonuses
  • Fill the Arts Gauge by unleashing a continuous stream of attacks and combos and gain the ability to perform Divine Arts techniques
  • Upgrade your skills; weapons; and combos for a customized gameplay experience
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