World War Z: Aftermath


Kill all the zombies on your path in World War Z: Aftermath for PlayStation 4. It picks up after the original and takes you to places including the Vatican City; Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula and more. Enjoy the experience with up to 3 friends in a cross-console multiplayer mode or dive into a single player first-person mode to truly amp up the action.


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  • World War Z: Aftermath for PlayStation 4 is inspired by the original World War Z and has you fighting to defeat the zombie horde and turn the tide of war
  • First-person mode amps up the action
  • Play as a Gunslinger; Hellraiser; Slasher; Medic; Fixer; Exterminator; Dronemaster; or Vanguard to experience unique attributes and perks of each one
  • Multiplayer works across consoles and lets you and up to 3 friends or AI players battle together to save the world from zombies.
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