Secure Payment

Tls/ssl certificates

Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates, more commonly known as SSL or digital certificates, are the foundation of a safe and secure Internet. TLS/SSL certificates secure Internet connections by encrypting the data sent between your browser, the website you are visiting and the website server. They ensure that data is transmitted privately and without modification, loss or theft.

Payment by bank transfer

Many of you have told us that you are reluctant to pay by credit card on the Internet. That is why we have introduced payment by bank transfer.

By using the bank transfer payment method, you are doubly protected:

  1. You no longer have to use your bank card. The transaction will take place directly between your bank and ours.
  2. With a bank transfer payment, we can refund you as easily as a credit card payment in case of problems.
  3. It is as fast as a credit card payment. You will receive your product immediately.

How to pay by bank transfer?

When you validate your basket, all you have to do is choose the method of payment by bank transfer. After validation of your order you will receive the information of the bank account on which you must proceed to the payment of your order.

For ease of processing, you should mention the order number on your bank transfer order.

The order will be definitively validated upon receipt of the transfer. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

Please note:

The ordered products are reserved for a period of 03 days. After this period, and without receipt of payment, the products will be automatically put back in stock and the order cancelled.