Terms And Conditions Of Sale And Use

Article 1 – Purpose

The present conditions govern sales by Neo Electro Market, a company specialising in the sale of green space and agricultural equipment. The company Neo Electro Market is located at: 1199 Marcus Dr Unit A001 Greater Sudbury, ON P3B 4K5.

Article 2 – Prices

The prices of our products are indicated in euros including all taxes (VAT and other taxes applicable on the day of the order), unless otherwise indicated and excluding processing and shipping costs.

In the event of an order to a country other than metropolitan France, you are the importer of the product(s) concerned. Customs duties or other local taxes or import duties or state taxes may be payable. These rights and sums are not the responsibility of the company Neo Electro Market. They will be at your charge and are your sole responsibility, both in terms of declarations and payments to the authorities and competent bodies in your country. We advise you to inquire about these aspects with your local authorities.

All orders, regardless of their origin, are payable in euros.

Neo Electro Market reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but the product will be invoiced on the basis of the price list in force at the time of validation of the order and subject to availability.

The products remain the property of Neo Electro Market until full payment has been received.

Please note: as soon as you take physical possession of the products ordered, the risks of loss or damage to the products are transferred to you.

Article 3 – Orders

You can place an order:

It is the Customer’s responsibility to select on the website https://neo-electro-market.com/ the Products he/she wishes to order, according to the following procedures:

  1. Click on the chosen product
  2. Click on “add to cart”
  3. Click on “validate the order” or “continue shopping”
  4. Check the basket, add the promotional code, if the Customer benefits from a promotional code, and click on “order”; At the time of each order validation, the customer is directed to his account via a secure connection recalling the contents of the order.

The Customer has the opportunity to check the details of the order, its total price and to correct any errors before confirming acceptance.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to check the accuracy of the order and to report or rectify any errors immediately.

The order on the neo-electro-market.com website will only be definitively registered after the various information has been filled in and the order has been validated. When the Customer validates the order by selecting a method of payment and by accepting the general terms and conditions of sale, by ticking the box provided for this purpose, the order is deemed to be definitively concluded (this materialises the agreement on the goods and on the price).

This validation implies the acceptance, without restriction or reservation, of the entirety of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale as well as the general terms of use of the website neo-electro-market.com.

The “click” on the button: “VALIDATE MY ORDER”, after having accepted the present general conditions of sale, constitutes an electronic signature on the part of the customer. This electronic signature has the value of a handwritten signature between the Parties. The order is therefore firm for the Customer as soon as the order is validated.

The acceptance of the order is confirmed by the sending of an automatically generated e-mail to the e-mail address indicated when the customer account was created. The Customer will receive an e-mail with a link to access their customer account.

The sale is final for Neo Electro Market only after confirmation of acceptance of the order has been sent to the Customer by e-mail, which must be sent without delay and after validation and collection by the latter of the full price as well as acceptance of the order.

Any order placed, validated by the Customer and confirmed by Neo Electro Market, under the conditions and according to the methods described above, on the website https://neo-electro-market.com/ shall constitute the formation of a contract concluded remotely between the Customer and Neo Electro Market.

Neo Electro Market reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a Customer with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous order.

In order to limit fraud, Neo Electro Market reserves the right, in order to accept the sale, to ask the Customer to provide proof of identity and place of residence, and the means of payment used. In this case, the order will be processed as soon as the aforementioned documents are received. Neo Electro Market reserves the right to cancel the order in the event that it does not receive these documents or in the event that it receives documents that are deemed to be non-compliant.

Neo Electro Market reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a Customer with whom there is a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order.

The Customer may follow the progress of his/her order on the website https://neo-electro-market.com/ in the “My Account” area.

Neo Electro Market undertakes to make every effort to ensure that the items offered for sale are in stock and available for dispatch. Nevertheless, the presence of an item on the site cannot guarantee its availability. In the event that a product is unavailable after an order has been confirmed, Neo Electro Market undertakes to inform the Customer as soon as possible and, if necessary, to provide a product of equivalent quality and price. In the event of a total breakdown or the impossibility of finding a replacement product, Neo Electro Market undertakes to inform the Customer as soon as possible. In this case, or in the event that the Customer refuses the proposed replacement product, Neo Electro Market undertakes to reimburse the Customer within a maximum of 30 days. The replacement or refund of the initial order shall extinguish any claim by the Customer, who shall not be entitled to claim any damages.

In the context of sales aimed at a non-professional Customer, Neo Electro Market therefore reserves the right to refuse orders for the same Product in large quantities and comprising more than three identical products.

No order of less than 10 euros including VAT will be accepted.

Article 4 – Order validation

Any order placed on the neo-electro-market.com website implies acceptance of these General Conditions. Any confirmation of an order implies your full and complete acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale, without exception or reservation.

All the data provided and the recorded confirmation will be considered as proof of the transaction.

You declare that you are fully aware of this.

The order confirmation will be considered as a signature and acceptance of the operations carried out.

A summary of your order information and these General Conditions will be sent to you in PDF format via the e-mail address used to confirm your order.

Article 5 – Payment

The price is payable in cash, in full on the day the order is placed by the Customer by secure payment on the website in accordance with the following terms:

Bank transfer (SEPA)

The Customer may pay by bank transfer.

Once this method of payment has been selected, the Customer will receive an email with the seller’s bank details in order to make the transfer.

However, this method of payment is more reliable and faster. The Seller therefore waits for the receipt of the payment to trigger the processing of the order.

Administrative payment

Local authorities, town halls, have the possibility to pay their order by administrative order.

The order is effective as soon as the Seller receives the order form signed and accompanied by a copy of the administrative order.

In the event of late payment and payment of the sums due by the Customer after the date of the invoice, late payment penalties calculated at a monthly rate of 2% of the amount including VAT of the purchase price appearing on the said invoice, shall be automatically and automatically acquired by the Seller, without any formality or prior notice of default, and shall result in the immediate payment of all sums owed by the Customer, without prejudice to any other action that the Seller may be entitled to take against the Customer in this respect. The Seller shall not grant any discount for payment before the date shown on the invoice.

In addition, the Seller reserves the right, in the event of non-compliance with the above payment conditions, to suspend or cancel the delivery of orders in progress made by the Customer.

The Customer shall not be charged any additional costs beyond those incurred by the Seller for the use of a payment method.

Article 6 – Withdrawal

Neo Electro Market guarantor of the conformity of the goods to the contract, allowing the consumer to make a claim under the legal guarantee of conformity provided for in Articles L 217-4 et seq. of the Consumer Code or the guarantee of defects in the goods sold within the meaning of Articles 1641 et seq. of the Civil Code is :

Neo Electro Market – Customer Care

In this respect, requests must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the following address

And must include :

  1. the Customer’s contact details;
  2. the product references;
  3. the reasons for the complaint.

Neo Electro Market draws the buyer’s attention to the fact that this guarantee excludes the replacement of products whose wear and tear is normal or due to abnormal or inappropriate use or resulting from a cause unrelated to the intrinsic qualities of the product.

In particular, the Customer must comply with the instructions for use and the conditions of maintenance and cleaning of the products, as indicated on the label, on the manufacturer’s website or on the website https://neo-electro-market.com/.

The Products sold on the website https://neo-electro-market.com/ comply with the regulations in force in France and have performances compatible with non-professional uses.

The Products supplied by Neo Electro Market are subject to the right of withdrawal, in accordance with the legal provisions, without further payment,

– the legal guarantee of conformity, for apparently defective, damaged or damaged Products or Products that do not correspond to the order,

– the legal guarantee against hidden defects resulting from a material, design or manufacturing defect affecting the products delivered and making them unfit for use,

under the conditions and according to the methods referred to in the box below and defined in the appendix to these General Terms of Sale.

It is recalled that within the framework of the legal guarantee of conformity, the Customer :

  • – has a period of two years from the delivery of the goods to take action against the Seller;
  • – may choose between repairing or replacing the Product ordered, subject to the cost conditions set out in Article L 217-9 of the French Consumer Code;
  • – is exempted from proving the existence of the lack of conformity of the Product during the twenty-four months following the delivery of the Product.

The legal guarantee of conformity applies independently of the commercial guarantee that may cover the Product.

The Customer may decide to implement the warranty against hidden defects in the Product in accordance with Article 1641 of the Civil Code; in this case, he/she may choose between the resolution of the sale or a reduction in the sale price in accordance with 1644 of the Civil Code.

The articles relating to the legal guarantee are reproduced at the end of these general conditions of sale.

The products offered comply with current French legislation. In the event of delivery outside France, the Company shall not be held liable for failure to comply with the legislation of the country where the products are delivered.

The Company shall not be held responsible for the non-delivery of a product due to stock shortage, unavailability, production stoppage by the manufacturer or force majeure. The Company therefore declines all responsibility for any indirect damage such as operating loss, loss of profit, loss of opportunity, damage or miscellaneous expenses.


In accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-21-8 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to

The supply of services fully executed before the end of the withdrawal period and whose execution has begun after the consumer’s prior express agreement and express renunciation of his right of withdrawal.

The supply of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market beyond the trader’s control and which may occur during the withdrawal period.

The supply of goods made to the consumer’s specifications or clearly personalised.

The supply of goods that are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly.

The supply of goods which have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery and which cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection.

The supply of goods which, after delivery and by their nature, are inseparably mixed with other articles;

The supply of alcoholic beverages the delivery of which is delayed beyond thirty days and the value of which agreed at the conclusion of the contract depends on fluctuations in the market beyond the trader’s control.

The supply of audio or video recordings or computer software where they have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery.

The supply of a newspaper, periodical or magazine, except for subscription contracts for such publications.

Transactions concluded at a public auction.

The supply of digital content not supplied on a tangible medium, the performance of which has begun after the consumer has given his express prior consent and expressly waived his right of withdrawal.

Article 7- Availability

Our products are offered as long as they are visible on the site neo-electro-market.com and within the limits of available stocks. For products not in stock, our offers are valid subject to availability from our suppliers.

In case of unavailability of product after placing your order, we will inform you by email. Your order will be automatically cancelled and no bank debit will be made.

Furthermore, the neo-electro-market.com website is not intended to sell its products in large quantities. Consequently, the company Neo Electro Market reserves the right to refuse orders for identical items.

Article 8 – Livraison

Delivery is the transfer to the Customer of physical possession or control of the Product. Except in special cases or when one or more Products are unavailable, the Products ordered will be delivered in a single shipment, together with the user manual and installation instructions.

The availability of each product is indicated as an indication in its corresponding file on the site: the delivery times (from the moment the parcel has left) vary according to the delivery methods and the nature of the products: either from 48 h to 72 h for parcels of less than 30 kg, or from 72 h to 1 week for parcels of more than 30 kg, or for parcels said to be “non-mechanisable” according to the times indicated by the carrier.

An order paid by bank transfer will only be processed after a delay in the processing of the payment. The availability and shipping times will be those of the date of registration of the payment method.

In the event of unavailability of products, the Customer is immediately informed by e-mail.

Neo Electro Market undertakes to make its best efforts to deliver the products ordered by the Customer within the time limits specified above. However, these deadlines are communicated as an indication.

In the event of a delay in delivery, by parcel or by carrier, the Customer may contact the customer service department of Neo Electro Market using the contact form to find out how long it will take for the parcel to arrive.

Neo Electro Market invites the Customer to inform us of any delay of three (3) days in relation to the average delivery time observed, so that we can start an investigation with the post office or the carrier (investigation times can usually vary from one to two weeks). If during the investigation period the product is found, it will be immediately redirected to the Customer’s home address, i.e. the “delivery address” that the Customer has indicated during the ordering process. If, however, the product is not found at the end of the investigation period, the post office/carrier will consider the parcel as lost, and Neo Electro Market will send a replacement product at its own expense.

The delivery time given by Neo Electro Market is estimated and may vary according to production times, carriers, weather conditions or any other imponderable beyond the control of the Seller.

Article 9 – Guarantee

All our products benefit from the legal guarantee of conformity and the guarantee of hidden defects, provided for by articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code. In the event of non-conformity of a product sold, it may be returned, exchanged or refunded.

All claims, requests for exchange or refund must be made by mail within 30 days of delivery.

The products must be returned to us in the condition in which you received them with all the elements (accessories, packaging, instructions, etc.). The shipping costs will be reimbursed to you on the basis of the invoiced rate and the return costs will be reimbursed to you on presentation of the receipts.

The provisions of this Article do not prevent you from benefiting from the right of withdrawal provided for in Article 6.

Article 10 – Liability

The products offered comply with current French legislation. The responsibility of the company Neo Electro Market cannot be engaged in case of non-compliance with the legislation of the country where the product is delivered. It is your responsibility to check with the local authorities regarding the possibility of importing or using the products or services you are considering ordering.

Furthermore, the company Neo Electro Market shall not be held responsible for any damage resulting from improper use of the product purchased.

Finally, the company Neo Electro Market shall not be held liable for any inconvenience or damage inherent in the use of the Internet, in particular a break in service, external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses.

Article 11 – Applicable law in case of disputes

All disputes to which the purchase and sale operations concluded in application of the present general conditions of sale could give rise, concerning both their validity, their interpretation, their execution, their cancellation, their consequences and their consequences and which could not be resolved amicably between the Seller and the Customer, will be submitted to the competent courts under the conditions of common law.

For the definition of the competent jurisdiction, the Seller elects domicile at its headquarters.

Article 12 – Intellectual property

All elements of the neo-electro-market.com website are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of the company Neo Electro Market. No one is authorised to reproduce, exploit, rebroadcast, or use in any way whatsoever, even partially, the elements of the site, whether they be software, visual or sound. Any simple link or hypertext link is strictly forbidden without the express written consent of the company Neo Electro Market.

Article 13 – Personal data

In accordance with the law “Informatique et Libertés” of January 6, 1978, modified by the law n°2004-801 of August 6, 2004, the Seller has made a declaration to the CNIL under the number 2042246 concerning the collection and processing of the Customers’ Personal Data.

The neo-electro-market.com website may thus collect personal data such as title, surname, first name, address, postal code, telephone number, date of birth, nationality, email address, IP address, geographical location, and navigation data.

The neo-electro-market.com site processes this information for the purpose of managing Internet users’ accounts, executing orders, issuing invoices, managing relations with Customers, promoting its offers to them, carrying out analyses and statistics, or as part of a loyalty programme, organising competitions or any other promotional operations, as well as for managing Internet users’ opinions on our products and services, which the buyer accepts.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, reinforced and completed by the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) which came into force on 25 May 2018, the Customer has the right to access, rectify, oppose, delete and port all of his/her personal data at any time by writing, by post and providing proof of his/her identity, to the Seller’s address,

Neo Electro Market – Customer Care

For any additions or corrections, the Customer may send the Seller the new data by e-mail using our contact form or by letter to the above address.

The Seller undertakes not to communicate the Customer’s personal data to third parties.

These data will be kept for a period of 10 years from the end of the commercial relationship.

Article 14 – Archiving Proof

The company Neo Electro Market shall archive order forms and invoices on a reliable and durable medium that constitutes a true copy in accordance with the provisions of Article 1348 of the Civil Code.

The computerised records of the company Neo Electro Market will be considered by all parties concerned as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.